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Memorable business and social events.  Distinctive occasions to celebrate your accomplishments, thank your partners or illustrate the future together.  Your theme, gloriously realized in Los Angeles, La Jolla and San Diego.

Tasty  Education & Celebration Events:

Bubbles & Diamonds, a girl's best friend

Wines and Mediterranean lifestyles which promote longevity of the world's longest-lived people

French Paradox: Learn the French secrets of living well and loving life


Creative wine tastings.  Adventure! Travel! Experiences to treasure!  Planet Wine classes open a door to a new way to enjoy and savor the world of wines.  

*Wine in the Gilded Age: Hollywood glamor , famous celebrities,  Wine & stories about vast new fortunes of Hollywood  in the Gilded Lifestyle: Scandalous Fun! Wine in the Gilded Age.  Luxe Restaurants, lavish Hotels, Grand Tour Trains, Planes, Ocean liners, autos, fashion, Hollywood!  All Paired with wine!

* Wine trade on the Silk Road: Viticulture, as ancient as agriculture.  Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Holy Land all had wine drinking traditions. In Greco-Roman era drinking rituals of Dionysus & Bacchus  made wine part of public festivals. Wine, traded throughout the Mediterranean brought luxury and wealth.

* Wine Cities of the World: Paris, London, Rome, Athens, Bordeaux, and now Los Angeles, San Francisco, and  nearby Napa.  Wine made these glamorous cities delicious!

About Us

Planet Wine is unique in America in  exploring the history of wine in global cultures, economies, politics and eras.

Barbara Baxter, creator of Planet Wine explored wine academically at Sorbonne University, Paris, and continued to study the culture and history of wine.  She has worked for Napa Valley’s most prestigious wineries:Sterling, Rubicon Estate and Opus One, and made wine in Napa .  

Barbara has been featured in the Wall St. Journal, has lectured at many museums and Universities in California including  the Getty Villa, Malibu; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Athenaeum Arts & Music Library of La Jolla; UC Berkeley; UC San Diego; Muzeo of Orange County;  Huntington Library, Pasadena and  other public and private venues.


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